Malt Extract
Bulk and Canned Liquid, Dried

Muntons, Weyermann, and Briess Base and Specialty Malts

Domestic, European, Pellets, Whole

Wyeast Liquid Cultures, Misc. Dry Yeast, Wine and Distiller's Yeast

Wine Kits
Premium RJ Spagnols Must Kits

Starter Kits, Carboys, Kegging, Bottles & Bottling, Test and Measure

Beer and Wine Chemicals, Sanitation

We have everything you need to make the finest beverage alcohol of all varieties and a friendly and knowledgeable staff dedicated to aiding the homebrewing community in crafting the finest beers and wines. Come see us soon!


Welcome to Blockader Homebrew Supply

We have been serving Athens Georgia for over 2 years with their homebrew supply needs! We are a full service supply store with excellent beer and wine supplies.

Making your own beverages at home is one of the most rewarding hobbies around, especially for people who enjoy the finest beers and wines.

Homebrewing can be as simple or as complicated as you choose, making it easy to customize the experience to your own personality and technical ability. However, no matter what homebrewing avenue you decide upon, you will be crafting delicious, commercial quality beers and wines at massive cost savings.

By making your own beverages, you avoid paying for the marketing budgets and profit margins of large companies while learning a valuable skill and reducing your dependence on others to manufacture goods for your use.

Make your own, be your own.

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